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I intend for it to be equally painful for him. The thought of having complete control over his pleasure makes me squirm in my seat, and I can feel the seam of my jeans pressing against my crotch, which only makes me hotter.

I consider the carefully chosen red panties in my suitcase, and the stockings with a garter, and I imagine his reaction when he sees them on me, how he will not be able to stop himself from wanting me, touching me, kissing me, fucking me. My nipples harden at just the though of his lips on them. His hands on my back, pulling me closer.

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Fine said Charlie if you would like to take your pants off and lay back in the chair for me and relax, this is going to hurt but I will do my best to be kind. Sally took her pants off and her g-string and lay back in the chair, spreading her legs and exposing the sweetest hairless little cunt I have ever seen. She had pink puffy lips and a clit the sat up like a thumb but in proportion to the rest of her.

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